Queen Beatrix International Airport

Aruba's modern Queen Beatrix International Airport can accommodate commercial jet aircrafts as large as the Boeing 747. The island is served by a number of airlines, and connections can be made to any part of the world. For current schedules and reservations, see your travel agent. Read important information about the airport security measures.

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The departure tax for Aruba is US $36.75 to the USA (It is usually included in the purchased airline ticket). For all other destinations, the depature tax is US $33.50.

Aruba is also served by seasonal charter flights from Cleveland, Newark, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Loisville, Cincinnnati, Nashville and Stewart Newburgh.

Year round charters from Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Hartford.

In Canada, charter service is available through Skyservice.


  • U.S-bound passenger terminal building with 42 check-in counters and U.S. customs and immigration pre-clearance facilities
  • International (non U.S.-bound) passenger terminal building with 24 check-in counters
  • Three-level concourse with airline operational space and one

Passenger Facility Charge (PFC)

For US-bound passengers departure tax is US $36.75. Aruba Airport has US pre-clearance however please note that it is not possible to transfer directly to a US-bound flight. A transfering passenger has to follow full check-in procedures for the connecting flight and therefor pays the same charges as passengers originating from Aruba. If in Aruba on transit for less than 24 hours, these charges are waived for passengers transfering to non-US bound flights.


The airport meets all standards set forth by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) this includes bathrooms, hold rooms, check-in areas, etc. There is a fully equipped medical facility with highly trained professionals. Arrangements can be made through the facility for special needs upon arrival and/or departure as well as emergency treatment while at the airport. Personnel are also permitted aboard aircrafts in emergencies and for evaluation.

For further information (297) 582-4800 ext. 300


All pets need a Certificate of Health from their veterinarian that has been issued within 30 days of departure. Pets from South and Central America are not allowed.