Communication Services

Cell Phone Services

Cellular roaming service and GSM capabilities are normal in Aruba. Please contact your local service provider about the features before traveling to Aruba.

Setar N.V. and Digicel have Kiosks and help desk at the arrival hall at the airport in order to provide more information.

Cellular phone rentals require that an individual show proper identification, such as a passport. A deposit is usually required.

Internet Access

The only Internet Service Provider in Aruba, the telephone company known as SETAR, provides dial-up access to non-residents and visitors. For more information please call SETAR Help Desk at 5834000 or visit website:

Many hotels also provide dial-up capabilities for guests, either complimentary or for a small fee. Check with your selected hotel for more information.

There is several other Internet café

Available hotspots

  • Teleshop Palm Beach
  • Cruise Terminal
  • Sunset Apartments
  • Spirit N.V.
  • Delifrance
  • Scandals
  • Manchebo Beach Resort
  • Wendy's Palm Beach
  • Wendy's Cura Cabai
  • Sbarro La hacienda
  • Sbarro Airport
  • Sbarro Renaissance
  • Certified Megamall
  • Grand Cafe Tropical
  • Casa del Mar
  • Café the Plaza
  • Moomba Beach
  • Cyberzone Internet Café
  • Aruba Grand Beach Resort & Casino
  • Brickell Bay Beach Club
  • Aruba Beach Club
  • Playa Linda Beach Resort
  • International Airport Reina Beatrix
  • The New Havana Beach Club
  • Kokoa Beach Bar
  • Bucuti Beach Resort
  • Holiday Inn Beach Resort
  • Costa Linda Beach Resort
  • Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino
  • Tony's Romas, Adrian Lacle blvd
  • Renaissance Marina Yacht Club
  • Seasons Concepts Internet Café
  • Board Walk Vacation Retreat

Local access numbers for America On-Line, Prodigy, CompuServe; AT&T etc. are not available in Aruba and are all considered as long distance calls to the US.

International Calls

Aruba offers several options to call internationally; you can use the land line, you will have to dial the outside code and then the number.

You can also call collect or use your credit card to place a phone call. You can place a collect call or credit card call at any of the blue phones located mostly at the lobbies of your hotel and also in the downtown area. The phones have instructions on how to place the calls.

It is highly advisable to purchase and use calling cards in order to make international phone calls. The calling cards can be obtained through out the island at gas stations, mini markets, supermarkets and at the various Setar teleshops. Cards, like the Ventaha usually vary between $5, $15, $20 and $30.